Wood Burning Stoves Near Me

Wood Burning Stoves Near Me

Find wood burning stoves near me.

Vesta Stove Manufacture, Supply and Install stoves throughout the UK so if you just searched for “Wood Burning Stoves Near Me” then you have come to the right place.

Not only can we ship any of our wood burning stoves to your doorstep, but we can also fully install your new wood burner and sign it off in accordance with Hetas regulations

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Response to Negative Google Review

In response to the Negative google review received

Vesta Stoves is a small family business and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our business and create a better experience for the end user. So when we receive a negative google review like all small business we take it very seriously.

Its very easy to jump onto the defensive as a small business owner after all the review is a direct attack on you and your lively-hood. We are not all perfect and in fact we all have our faults but on this occasion we feel hard done to and would like to invite readers to check out the explanation below.

Our explanation (please read on)

So when this customer placed the order on our website for the installation of 2 Bushmaster stoves in cabins at the side of a Loch in Cladich, Damally, Argyll we were delighted although a long journey (750 Miles) its always nice to see the country! Unfortunately, due to time constraints the customer required the job to be fitted in the rain. Never a good Idea! One cabin was supplied by logspan and the other was an insulated shipping container.

This customer explained to us prior to the install that the roof on the container already had significant leaks. We offered to attempt to find these leaks and seal them up. However, these leaks were not obvious and we couldn’t find them.

Once we had finished the jobs the site owner asked us to purchase a 2nd hand Morso stove as part payment for the installation. We declined as the customer was asking over £500 for it and we wouldn’t be able to sell it on.

We decided as this was a rental property that we would leave a tub of bitumen sealant just in case a leak appeared after we left. After all the flashing shouldn’t be fitted in the wet!! We have offered to come back to site to correct any issues but the customer has declined instead choosing to get a refund

 So as we were due to leave and the customer was extremely happy with the service she even gave us a packed lunch to take away! We also helped fix a unusable site portaloo. YUK!

An email sent by this customer the following day

The final Result

We received a call a couple of days ago as the customer said there was a leak on the roof. Was it there before or was it our issue? It doesn’t really matter. We will always try to help and offered to re visit site a week later to fix any issue. As this wasn’t acceptable time frame to this customer they instantly left this review.

Refund Given

This customer then started a paypal case against us for the installation fee. We instantly granted the refund and explained that this would be classed as an unpaid contract and the extended warranty was void.



Final Thought

 As a small business getting good reviews is so difficult, and when we get a bad review we take it very seriously. I personally find it hard to understand why people are motivated to leave a negative review but just wont spend 5 seconds to leave a positive one when they have received good service. There is a saying that the customer is always right. 

I agree to some extent but it should also be noted that for small business we have equally invested our time and passion to create a great product. Therefore the transaction is actually a trade, something that a small business has crafted for your hard earned money.


Its not just a case of the customer is always right its a case of both parties have an investment  in the transaction, so we should help each other out were we can.


You cant win them all……… But Ill keep trying…….


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Wood Burning Stoves Preston

Example of stove installed in Preston

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Vesta Stoves supply and install Wood Burning Stove in Preston

Based in Tarleton we fit our range of stoves throughout the Preston area around Lancashire and offer a free online quotation so you don’t have to waste time waiting for surveys.

Wood Burning Stoves Preston





Wood Burning Stoves Devon

A wood burning stove by vesta stoves

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Wood Burning Stoves Devon

Here at Vesta Stoves we are very proud to say we supply and deliver all of our products throughout Devon!

Some of the locations we have previously delivered to are:

Exeter, East Devon, Mid Devon, North Devon, Torridge, West Devon, South Hams, Teignbridge, Plymouth, Torbay.

How We work

We provide instant online quotations for the installation of your wood burning stove. These are then passed onto our HETAS engineers for verification. One the quote has been verified you will receive an email to let you know its OK to order your stove and we will book in the installation.

All our installation carry a Lifetime Warranty and for piece of mind we will also price match any similar quote

Get an instant free quote

Being so experienced at what we do, we understand it can be very difficult to get quick quotations. So we have made it easier than ever to get an instant quote here on our page.

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Wood Burning Stoves Blackpool

Wood Burning Stoves Blackpool

Vesta Stoves supply and install Woodburning stoves throughout Blackpool

As well as being a nationwide business we supply and install wood burning stoves throughout Lancashire and the Blackpool area. We are HETAS certified and provide a lifetime warranty on our stoves and installations

Wood burning stoves in Blackpool

We are very proud to say that we supply and install our stoves across Blackpool. Some of the key areas we have worked in are:

North Shore (including Bispham), Central Blackpool and the South Shore (including Marton).


Get a stove installed in Blackpool.

We offer an easier alternative than the traditional way of getting quotations by tradesmen. Using the fom below you can get a fixed fee instant installation quote so you know exactly what you will be paying.


Once you use our stove installation quick quote form the data will be emailed to our team for approval and you will recieve a fixed fee quote by return.

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Wood Burning Stoves Cumbria

Vesta Stoves supply and install Wood Burning Stoves in Cumbria

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We are very proud to say that we supply our products all across cumbria. We cover areas such as:
























Coronavirus Update

Please be assured as we are an online company orders will continue to be processed as normal. Being a small family business staffing issues do not affect us at this time. We predict delivery time of goods may be increased slightly due to increased demand in the transportation industry.

We understand that these are challenging times for many in the UK and we are doing our bit to support our local businesses were possible.

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