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Based in Tarleton we fit our range of stoves throughout the Preston area around Lancashire and offer a free online quotation so you don’t have to waste time waiting for surveys.

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double sided stoves

12KW Double Sided Stove in Charcoal
12KW Double Sided Stove in Charcoal

Double Sided Stoves Made in the UK

All our stoves are available in double sided stoves versions. This is useful when the double sided stoves are to be installed in the centre of a large area or where the chimney sits centrally between two rooms. Many of our customers choose to link the two adjoining rooms by knocking the chimney breast through to accommodate one of our  double sided stoves. This has the following advantages:




Double sided stove from Vesta Stoves


  • Heat is shared equally throughout the adjoining rooms
  • Fuel can be loaded from either room
  • The fire can be controlled and maintained from each room
  • Avoids the need for two stoves
  • Creates a perfect view of the fire from either side

All our double sided stoves have dual airwashes  and dual controls making it easy to load fuels and control the burn rate from both rooms. Many homes are built with a central chimney passing between two rooms in the property. Its a relatively simple job to open up the chimney and make it accessible from both rooms.  This has major advantages of gaining a central feature and managing only one firebox rather than two independent stoves.


Choosing a double sided Stove

When choosing a dual aspect or double sided stove it is important that both doors are able top open. This is essential for cleaning and for general maintenance. Double Sided stoves throw heat in all directions so its important to ensure you choose the correct size for the room and fireplace. Ensuring that the correct clearances are met to combustible materials is the most important part as anything closer to the stove could be affected by the heat.

Double Sided stoves with large glass windows make a stunning focal point in any room. Vesta Stoves are designed to be portrait or upright. This is so you get the most dramatic flame picture and have a perfect view of the dancing fire.

Double Sided Stove style.

Double Sided stoves can also dramatically change a living space and can be installed were no chimney is present. We sell a range of twin wall insulated flue that can be used to install a double sided stove in the center of a room. Even if there is no chimney a dramatic double sided fireplace feature can be installed  in any home. For a no obligation discussion and to asses your suitability for a double sided stove then please call us on 01704 821095 or email sales@vestastoves.co.uk

A customer image of a v8 double sided stove installed in a barn conversion


We manufacture our double sided stoves in a range of output from 4-12kw. all our double sided stoves can be found here







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The video below shows a brief walk around a Vesta V8 double sided stove and highlights its key features.


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