About us

Vesta Stoves has been producing woodburning stoves and garden stoves for the past 19 years and is a true family business. We originally started out producing very high specification woodburning stoves in a small workshop not too far away from our current location. We were featured in many magazines and gradually increased our business from a small disused pig shed to the factory we have today in Lancashire. We are passionate about making affordable heating solutions and believe that our woodburning stoves offer the user a high quality, high efficiency wood burning stove at a reasonable price.

Our factory “The IronWorks” is based in Lancashire and every part of our woodburning stoves are built on site so we have total control over the finished quality.  The IronWorks is open to all who wish to visit and see our stoves being constructed and burning in our factory outlet.

The stunning curved stove design came about from years of development and now is approved at an efficiency rating in excess of 83% a true testament to our experience as stove designers and manufacturers. We are not a high street brand and nor do we aspire to be one. We simply enjoy our work as stove builders and designers and like our customers to become part of our story.

Although we now manufacture our range of stoves John (AKA Blacksmith John) is still available to design and build custom stoves for those wanting something a little different that is not available on the high street. Feel free to call us on 01704 821095 or better still come and visit he IronWorks and see what we are all about.

We hope you become part of the Vesta Family and look forward to hand building you a product that will remain part of your family’s life for many many years……..