Multifuel Stoves

Vesta V4 Multifuel stove

Multi fuel Stoves

Multifuel Wood burning Stoves and Log burners, made in the UK by Vesta Stoves and available in a full range of colours

The vesta range of multi fuel stoves offer true versatility. If you decide to go for the multi fuel option, this will allow you to burn wood and also smokeless fuel. Which is perfect if you live within one of the UK’s Smoke Control Areas.

The main difference between our Multifuel stoves and our log burners, is that the Multifuel Stove includes a riddling grate and ashpan. This allows for a high efficiency burn. As the combustion air can also get under the fuel, as well as from above.

The benefit of a Vesta Multi fuel stove is the grate and ashpan can be easily removed to allow for high efficiency wood burning.

The Multifuel Stove, like the traditional Woodburning stove, also has a high efficiency. Our trademark Airblade technology ensures a clean burn of both wood and smokeless fuel. Ensuring a heat output just as high as the standard Woodburner.


We are proud to be a "five star" stove manufacturer!


Multifuel stoves allow you to burn wood and also smokeless fuels. Along with this cost effective perk, our multi fuel stoves come in a range of styles available for you to pick from! 

Vesta Multifuel Stoves are made from boilerplate and unlike cast iron stoves do not suffer from thermal shock, cracking or warping when burning solid fuel. As they are made in our factory, we have total control over quality. Each stove is transformed from sheet steel into a beautiful piece that would make any house a home.

Our stoves come in many colours for you to choose from. Which is not always the case with gas stoves or electric stoves. From our classic charcoal black, to our more exotic colours such as Mojave red and honey glow brown. Click here to view our colour range

Take a look below at our Multi Fuel stoves 100% handmade in the UK

On the right you can see all of our modern multifuel stoves. These stoves contain our Airblade system that ensures and efficient, clean burn of wood and Multifuel stoves.


Probably the most important part of your selection is working out the heat output that you require to heat the space of your home. Massively over or underestimated stove power output can be a real issue . To help you decide on the output required please use the form below.

Feel free to use our handy tool to work out what stove you should be looking for!



Cant find the right stove for you?

As all our multi fuel log burners are made in our factory in Lancashire the sizes of the stove can easily be modified to suit your requirements So please contact us if you need any modifications.

Wood Burning Stove Installation Quick Quote

We work closely alongside a number of HETAS Qualified fireplace installers, and can provide a quote for a fully guaranteed installation service. 

Please use the form below to get a quick budget installation price for your new Vesta stove!

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At Vesta Stoves, we are proud to offer a range of high-quality multi fuel stoves that are designed to provide efficient and effective heating for homes of all sizes. Our stoves are crafted from the highest quality materials and are available in a range of styles and sizes to suit your specific needs.

So, what is a multifuel stove, and how is it different from a woodburning stove? A multifuel stove is a type of stove that is designed to burn a variety of fuels, including wood, coal, peat, and biomass. This versatility means that you can choose the fuel that best suits your needs, whether that’s wood for a traditional and cozy atmosphere, or coal for a longer and hotter burn.

In contrast, a woodburning stove is designed specifically for burning wood, and is not suitable for use with other types of fuel. While woodburning stoves can provide a lovely ambiance and a traditional look, they do require a constant supply of wood and may not be as versatile as a multifuel stove.

At Vesta Stoves, we believe that our range of multifuel stoves offers the best of both worlds: the traditional look and cozy atmosphere of a woodburning stove, with the added versatility and convenience of being able to burn a variety of fuels. Our stoves are available for sale both online and through a network of authorized dealers, making it easy to find cheap multifuel stoves that meet your needs.

If you’re looking for the best multifuel stove for your home, look no further than Vesta Stoves. With a range of styles and sizes to choose from, and a commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer service, we are the premier destination for multifuel stoves near you.


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