Stoves For Summerhouses and Log Cabins

Vesta Stoves for your Garden room or Summerhouse

It's never been trendier to have a cosy cabin in your garden with a log burner inside.Vesta Stoves specialise in creating Stoves for garden rooms and small spaces. Our stoves can be installed with a short 2 metre flue system making them perfect for garden rooms, boats and conservatories. Installing a wood burner in your summerhouse not only creates a wonderful garden escape, somewhere to relax and unwind, but is also a very practical and environmentally friendly way to heat your log cabin. Perfect for a Garden office, working from home in the winter months. It's also never been easier! Our helpful team members are happy to come and install your stoves for our installation price. We specialise in the most complex of installations so no task is too big or too hard for the vesta stoves installation team!​

Of Course You Can! Even though a garden room is made of timber, it’s still possible to safely install a log burner. We have designed full kits of parts that can be delivered with your stove, and makes it safe and easy to install a stove in your cabin. Woodburning Stoves are a great addition to any summerhouse or log cabin, providing a beautiful focal point and heating solution.

Many standard stoves on the market require a minimum of a 4 metre flu cooperate correctly. However, the vesta range of garden stoves have been designed to work on a short flue system. To avoid the need of a long due stickling out of the garden roof, upsetting the neighbours! 

Yes, if you are competent at DIY and follow our instruction set carefully it can normally be completed within 3-4 hours. Easy as that! 


However if you don’t feel as confident we can do a perfect job for £599 nationwide.

For the majority of garden rooms up to 6 metres by 3 metres, the vesta V2 or the bushmaster summerhouse kits will suffice. However, for extra large cabins we would recommend the V4 kit or the heritage 5KW. Only relatively small stoves are usually needed.

Not to forget our Bushmaster stove is Multi fuel equipped, meaning it can run on wood and smokeless fuels. Either way you are guaranteed a clean burn.