woodburning stoves

Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning Stoves and Log burners, made in the UK by Vesta Stoves and available in a full range of colours

Wood Burning Stoves are known by several names, including log stoves, wood stoves, log burners and wood burners.

In this section, we showcase the products in our modern and contemporary wood burning stove range. All our stoves are 100% made in the UK and manufactured in our factory in Lancashire. 
Here at vesta ironworks we supply a large range of woodburners, in various heat outputs. In all different shapes, sizes and colours. Ensuring you get the perfect stove for your home.

Besides our stoves, another hot topic at the moment is the environment. And how log burners have an impact on this. Not to worry! Containing our new unique Airblade system, all of our stoves have a significantly high efficiency. Making us more eco friendly and closer to carbon neutral than we have ever been before.

We are proud to be a "five star" stove manufacturer!

Double Sided Stove

Woodburning Stoves are most efficient when the fuel is sat in a bed of ash. Therefore, a Log- Burner does not have a grate and the fuel burns with the combustion air coming only from above. This increases the efficiency of the burn and allows for longer reloading periods. Wood-burning stoves can greatly reduce your household heating bills and also your carbon footprint! It is recommended that only seasoned logs are burned on woodburning stoves, burning wet fuel is not only harmful to the environment but also damages your chimney.

Many people contact us with the preconception that cast iron fires are far superior to the steel Logburner. However, for many reasons, this is not the case.  Firstly, a cast iron log fire can suffer from Thermal Shock. When the fire heats up rapidly, Cracks can appear in the casting.  One of the major flaws in the stove design. The Steel that we use to make our Stoves from is inherently elastic and will stretch when heated rather than cracking. So you can sit back, relax, and light the fire.

Our stoves come in many colours for you to choose from. Which is not always the case with gas stoves or electric stoves. From our classic charcoal black, to our more exotic colours such as Mojave red and honey glow brown. Click here to view our colour range

Take a look below at our woodburning stoves 100% handmade in the UK

All our contemporary wood burners have efficiencies of over 80%. Containing our trademark Airblade system to ensure you always have a clear view of the roaring fire.

 Our contemporary wood burning stoves are simple to use, but also very controllable. Making them ideal for the novice and time served wood burner.

Feel free to use our handy tool to work out what stove you should be looking for!

  • Stove fo bell tent Bell tent boutique

    Camping, Tent, and Garden Stoves

    Bushmaster Camping Stove 2.2kw


    The Bushmaster Camp Stove is perfect for Yurts, bell tents, awnings or as a free standing heater and cooker. This portable wood burning stove is  light wieght  (30KG) and can be set up ready to cook within a few minutes. This makes it ideal for camping/glamping and use as an alternative to an open fire in campsites that do not permit them. The top of the stove can be used to cook all manner of meals including pot roasts or even a full english breakfast. The Bushmaster tent stove has dual burn rate controls enabling very fine adjustment of the cooking surface temperature.

    The Bushmaster is in a class of its own when comparing small stoves it is extremely robust and comes with a 3 year warranty. Available with Flue kit for 

    • Shepherd Huts
    • Bothies
    • Bell Tents
    • Garden Rooms
    • Log Cabins
    • Boats

    the Bushmaster does not come with any flue pipe as standard this can be orered seperate. The bushmaster takes a standard 4″ (100mm) Diameter connecting flue pipe


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  • 2kw logburner in garden room

    Woodburning Stoves and Multifuel Stoves

    Wood burning Stove 2kw Vesta V2 Logburner


    The V2 (2kw) Modern wood burning stove is a large capacity 2KW Log Burner ideal for small rooms, conservatories,  narrow boats, conservatories and out-buildings up to 30 cubic meters. Ideal for rooms and areas where only a small amount of heat  is required without compromising the large glass window and perfect view of the fire. The V2 small logburner also has a good size burn chamber enabling a 300mm log to be easily loaded into the 2kw firebox.

    Stoves on sale in January

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  • Outdoor Wood Burning Stove Garden Logburner

    Camping, Tent, and Garden Stoves

    Fiesta Garden Stove and Chimnea – Outdoor Wood Burner


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    The Fiesta garden stove from Vesta Ironworks. The stylish garden “Fiesta” log burner, is designed to fit perfectly with modern gardens and contemporary pavilions. The large firebox is fully lined with firebricks and has a built-in grate allowing spent fuel and ash to fall through into the collection box. Ready for quick and clean disposal. Made from a rugged steel plate and treated with a high-temperature silicone coating, the Fiesta is built to last. Producing a massive 25KW of heat the Fiesta will keep you and your guests warm long after the sun goes down. Each Fiesta comes complete with a 1-meter flue section to be inserted, and the stove itself requires no assembly! It is fully seam welded so we can assure you that your Vesta Fiesta pavilion stove will outlast chimineas and gas patio heaters.

    Learn how to install it in a Gazebo here

    This outdoor log burner with a flue system can be freestanding or fitted undercover to provide heat to sheltered areas. The Fiesta has been our best-selling outdoor log burner in 2022 and is going from strength to strength.

    The fiesta was designed for outdoor cooking and due to the temperatures reached Steaks and Kebabs can be cooked quickly and perfectly to your taste.

    This Garden Wood Burning Stove is also available with a full front glass door. This may be necessary for enclosed spaces and areas where smoke should be kept to a minimum (optional extra) A double-sided door system can be added to your Fiesta Garden Log burner’s look. Creating a panoramic viewpoint. The fire can then be enjoyed from both sides of the stove. Our outdoor stoves are made to last, and they do! Our customer’s stoves have resisted the UK weather for years! However, putting a cover over the Fiesta stove will keep it looking like you bought it yesterday! Even over the years to come.

    Full flue systems are available to connect the fiesta to a higher flue including elbows and flashing for installation in a pavilion or covered area

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  • 4kw woodburning stove

    Woodburning Stoves and Multifuel Stoves

    Woodburning Stove 4kw (Vesta V4)


    The Vesta V4, 4kw wood-burning stove is our best-selling compact stove of 2018.

    The V4 does not compromise on firebox size and has a full door allowing for easy loading of logs up to 18″ in length. Fully manufactured in Lancashire the Vesta V4 boasts a huge glass window to enjoy the roaring fire.

    With its efficiency coming in at 83% this stove far outperforms those required by the new legislation due to come into force in 2022

    The original design by Vesta is a testament to Vesta’s design and has been keeping homes warm over the past decade. With a 3-year warranty as standard or a lifetime warranty if installed by a Vesta engineer the V4 gives years of trouble-free low-cost stylish heating.


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  • Vesta Heritage Stove with direct air intake

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    Woodburning Stove Vesta Heritage 5 (5KW)


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    The Vesta Heritage 5 (5Kw) woodburning stove is suitable for heating spaces of up to 40 square meters and comes with a built in Airwash system and overnight burn system.

    The Heritage stove is constructed from heavy steel plate and comes with a 3 year warranty.

    Comes with both top and rear flue outlets.

    The Heritage 5 also comes with a multifuel option and is our best 5kw multi fuel stove


    Width – 500mm

    Depth – 400mm

    Hieght- 485mm

    Vesta Heritage 5KW Instruction Manual


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  • 5kw Eco design Stove Front 2 1

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    Vesta 5KW Tinder Ecodesign / Defra Approved Stove


    Born and Bred in the Great Britain, this British-designed wood-burning stove is Eco Design ready ensuring the highest standards of efficiency and cleanliness. The slender cast iron door frame and large window provide a stunning view of the fire, and the powerful airwash system works to continuously clear any combustion deposits.


    In 2022 a new European wide programme to reduce harmful emissions and improve air quality comes into force, it is referred to as EcoDesign. Vesta Stoves are fully committed to this clean air strategy, and as such have chosen only to design new models which exceed the EcoDesign criteria.
    Key features include 5mm and 8mm steel seam welded stove body construction and cast iron door. The firebox is lined with 30mm vermiculite panels. Polished stainless steel handle with black as an option and air control.
    The single stainless steel air slider allows you to easily control the combustion of your stove.
    The powerful tertiary system is central to the stoves efficiency and cleanliness. Pre-heated air is drawn into the fire chamber and injected into the path of the gases produced during primary combustion; this re-ignites the gases resulting in a significantly cleaner and more efficient fire.

    All Vesta stoves are equipped with an installer friendly 125mm outlet allowing you to flue the stove from the top or rear. Discreet levelling screws hidden in the legs ensure that the stove can be secure no matter how uneven the hearth surface is. The stove is suitable for installation on a 12mm decorative hearth.

    The optional log box provides handy storage for fuel for imminent use, the legs of the stove recess into the log box giving it neat finish. There are several log box and bench options available.

    CE Approved
    ECODesign 2022 Ready
    Energy Rating A+
    DEFRA Approved

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  • 5kw Eco design Stove Front

    Woodburning Stoves and Multifuel Stoves

    5KW Ecodesign Stove DEFRA Vesta G5


    The Vesta G5 is a compact Ecodesign ready 5kw Stove made from a combination of cast iron and steel. With a dual airwash system the glass is designed to be self cleaning.


    Vesta Stoves are fully committed to this clean air strategy and chosen to only design models exceeding all EcoDesign criteria.
    The G5 (5kw Stove) produces an impressive 14mg of particulate emissions which is among one of the lowest produced in any stove in the UK
    The G5 is also 80.40% efficient, which is why it has an excellent A+ Energy rating

    ACCREDITATIONS ECO-Design 2022 Ready Energy Rating A+ CE Approved Smoke Control Area Exempt

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  • 8kw stove with large glass window

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    8kw Woodburning Stove Vesta V8


    The V8 wood burning stove is a large capacity 8KW woodburning stove ideal for larger rooms and conservatories up to 120 cubic metres. Ideal for rooms and areas where a larger amount of heat is required without compromising the large glass window and perfect view of the fire.

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  • 12kw Woodburning Stove in Charcoal

    Woodburning Stoves and Multifuel Stoves

    Woodburning Stove Vesta V12 (12KW)


    The V12 stove is a large capacity 12KW woodburning stove designed to heat large open spaces up to 180 cubic metres or be combined with a water heating system (available as a separate stove known as the V12 Boiler duo or as an add-on to this unit.) This cavernous stove has a huge glass window perfect for creating ambience in your home.

    Stove dimensions

    Height 650mm
    Depth 406mm
    Width 600mm


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  • Vesta Ovale cylinder woodburning stove

    Online Shop

    Vesta Ovale 5KW Wood Burning Stove


    The contemporary and stylish ovale range. A tall, slender and elegant wood burning stove with an elevated combustion chamber and ergonomically integrated stainless steel handles.

    With its round form, an ultra modern wood-burning stove, where every detail is well thought out.

    In addition to being a stylish piece of furniture, you also get an effortlessly clean, effective and environmentally friendly combustion.

    Comes with Direct Air intake as standard

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All of the wood-burning stoves offered by our Vesta IronWorks are available in a wide variety of colours, with additional upgrade options. We can also make modifications to stove dimensions should you need it. As all our log burners are manufactured on site, we can give you accurate information on all the specifications so feel free to give us a call for further information.

Cant find the right stove for you?

As all our multi fuel log burners are made in our factory in Lancashire the sizes of the stove can easily be modified to suit your requirements So please contact us if you need any modifications.

Wood Burning Stove Installation Quick Quote

We work closely alongside a number of HETAS Qualified fireplace installers, and can provide a quote for a fully guaranteed installation service. 

Please use the form below to get a quick budget installation price for your new Vesta stove!

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