Conservatory wood burning stoves

A range of woodburning and multifuel stoves designed for use in conservatories with a short flue system

Vesta wood burning stoves are perfect for heating a conservatory were a central feature is required and a cheap alternative to underfloor heating or radiators. In most cases they can be installed in less than a day and can be fitted to both glass and poly carbonate roofing systems.

Vesta V2 fitted in conservatory

The short flues required for the conservatory stoves to function correctly means in that for Vesta Stoves you can often avoid having flue pipes running all the way up the house.

We also offer a DIY kit for installing our stoves in conservatories and orangeries so you can easily see the total price. We have a conservatory specialist who can advise on the best solution and can specify replacement glass panels to match your conservatory with the inclusion of a flue pipe hole.

Wood heating is the perfect way to link the outdoors with your conservatory by using a natural carbon nuetral fuel to heat your conservatory you can enjoy lower gas and oil bills as well as lowering your carbon footprint.

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