Patio Heaters, Outdoor Stoves, Camping Stoves

Patio Heaters, Outdoor Stoves, Camping Stoves

Wood burning Stoves and Log burners, made in the UK by Vesta Stoves and available in a full range of colours

We manufacture a range of summer products including Garden Stoves and the classic bushmaster camp stoves, fired by wood that not only provide a stunning focal point but produce more heat than a patio heater at a fraction of the cost. All our garden stoves are designed and built to the same standards as our indoor appliances. Our garden stoves are perfect for outdoor catering or a special occasion and can be ready to cook on in under 10 minutes. Our garden stove also make a perfect patio heater and will keep the party alive long after the sun goes down and the evening chill sets in. If your looking for a multipurpose cooking stove for the garden then we have the products available to grace your garden. All our garden stoves are guaranteed for 3 years so you can rest assured that they will outlive any BBQ or patio heater. Fuelled by wood and garden waste our garden stoves also save a packet on BBQ gas and in most cases wood and garden waste can be foraged practically for free!

We are proud to be a "five star" stove manufacturer!


Wood burning Stoves are most efficient when the fuel is sat in a bed of ash. Therefore, a Log- Burner does not have a grate and the fuel burns with the combustion air coming only from above. This increases the efficiency of the burn and allows for longer reloading periods. Wood-burning stoves can greatly reduce your household heating bills and also your carbon footprint! It is recommended that only seasoned logs are burned on wood burning stoves, burning wet fuel is not only harmful to the environment but also damages your chimney.

Many people contact us with the preconception that cast iron fires are far superior to the steel Log burner. However, for many reasons, this is not the case.  Firstly, a cast iron log fire can suffer from Thermal Shock. When the fire heats up rapidly, Cracks can appear in the casting.  One of the major flaws in the stove design. The Steel that we use to make our Stoves from is inherently elastic and will stretch when heated rather than cracking. So you can sit back, relax, and light the fire.

Our stoves come in many colours for you to choose from. Which is not always the case with gas stoves or electric stoves. From our classic charcoal black, to our more exotic colours such as Mojave red and honey glow brown. Click here to view our colour range

Take a look below at our outdoor woodburning stoves 100% handmade in the UK

All our contemporary wood burners have efficiencies of over 80%. It contains our trademark Airblade system to ensure a clear view of the roaring fire.

 Our contemporary wood-burning stoves are simple to use, but also very controllable. We are making them ideal for the novice and time-served wood burner.

Feel free to use our handy tool to work out what stove you should be looking for!

All of the wood-burning stoves offered by our Vesta IronWorks are available in a wide variety of colours, with additional upgrade options. We can also make modifications to stove dimensions should you need them. As all our log burners are manufactured on site, we can give you accurate information on all the specifications so feel free to give us a call for further information. 

Cant find the right stove for you?

As all our multi fuel log burners are made in our factory in Lancashire the sizes of the stove can easily be modified to suit your requirements So please contact us if you need any modifications.

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