Double Sided Stoves

Double Sided Stove

Double Sided Stoves and Dual Aspect Log burners, made in the UK by Vesta Stoves and available in a full range of colours and Heat Outputs.

All of our Double Sided Log Burners come with a Lifetime Warranty !!

Double Sided stoves, also known as double-fronted or dual aspect stoves can be used to create a dramatic focal point in the centre of a room or two adjoining rooms with a shared chimney breast.

Back-to-back rooms with a shared chimney breast can easily be converted into a through chimney to accommodate a double-sided woodburning stove.

Our Stoves are designed to create a minimalist feature and maximise the view of the flames without the drawbacks of an open fire or fire basket.

Our double-sided wood and multifuel stoves are available on single and double depth for those extra deep central chimney breasts. With a variety of heat outputs, we are sure to manufacture your ideal double-sided stove.

We are proud to be a "five star" stove manufacturer!


Double sided vesta stoves have built-in dual airwash systems to ensure you always have a clear view of the flames from both sides. Importantly both doors are fully functioning and the fire can be loaded from either side, essential for cleaning and maintenance. With a free-standing Dual Aspect stove, you can rest assured you are getting the most from your fuel. Unlike inset stoves, freestanding double-sided stoves convert all the energy produced from your fuel into heat. having free air movement around the unit ensures that all heat produced in dispersed around your space by natural convection.

Air controls can be operated from both sides of the double-sided range of stoves allowing for a balanced flame pattern stay clean glass. With appliances ranging from 4-12KW we produce double-fronted stoves to meet the requirements of most homes. However, as with all our stoves, they are fully customisation so if you need any adjustments we will be happy to help. Also, If you wish to see a stove in action, Come visit our factory in Tarleton!

So why not choose Vesta to supply your double sided stove and join our story. Check out our Stoves from leading British family Stove producer Vesta Stoves Below.

The Versatility and Efficiency of Double-Sided Stoves: A Comprehensive Guide

Double-sided stoves have emerged as a popular heating solution for modern homes, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. With their ability to heat two separate areas simultaneously and their striking design, double-sided stoves have become an essential addition to contemporary living spaces. In this article, we will explore the versatility and efficiency of double-sided stoves, highlighting their key features and benefits. Let’s dive in!

  1. Dual Heating Zones

One of the primary advantages of double-sided stoves is their ability to heat two adjoining areas or rooms. By providing warmth on both sides, these stoves effectively distribute heat throughout the space. This feature is particularly useful in open-plan living areas, where a single stove can create distinct cozy zones while maintaining an overall comfortable temperature.

  1. Enhanced Visibility

Double-sided stoves often feature a large glass window on both sides, allowing for a captivating view of the flames from multiple angles. This not only adds a touch of elegance to any room but also creates a sense of ambience and warmth. The visual appeal of a double-sided stove can transform a space into a focal point, captivating attention and creating a cosy atmosphere.

  1. Space-Saving Design

Double-sided stoves are designed to be compact and space-saving, making them suitable for various room layouts. Whether placed against a wall, in a central position, or used as a room divider, these stoves offer flexibility in their installation. They efficiently utilize space without compromising on performance, making them an ideal choice for both large and small living areas.

  1. Efficient Heat Distribution

Double-sided stoves are equipped with advanced heat distribution systems that ensure efficient warmth throughout the space. The dual-sided design allows for maximum heat radiation, minimizing heat loss and maximizing the stove’s energy efficiency. The balanced heat output from both sides guarantees an even and comfortable temperature, eliminating cold spots and providing consistent heating.

  1. Versatile Fuel Options

Double-sided stoves are compatible with various fuel options, including wood, gas, and pellets. This versatility allows homeowners to choose the fuel type that best suits their preferences and lifestyles. Wood-burning double-sided stoves offer a traditional and authentic experience, while gas and pellet options provide convenience and ease of use. The flexibility in fuel selection further enhances the appeal and practicality of double-sided stoves.

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Double-sided stoves combine practicality, functionality, and aesthetics, making them an excellent heating solution for modern homes. Their ability to heat two adjoining areas simultaneously, along with their visually captivating design, creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere. With efficient heat distribution, space-saving design, and versatile fuel options, double-sided stoves offer an optimal heating experience tailored to individual preferences. If you’re looking to enhance the warmth and ambience of your living space, consider incorporating a double-sided stove and enjoy the benefits it brings. 

Take a look below at our double sided log burners 100% handmade in the UK

  • 12kw double sided stove

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    Double Sided Woodburning Stove Vesta V12 (12KW)


    The V12 double-sided wood burning stove is a large capacity 12KW double fronted woodburning stove designed to heat large open spaces up to 180 cubic meters and create a unique feature in adjoining rooms.

    Dual aspect log burners are becoming more popular due to the amount of space that can be heated with one stove. This cavernous double sided logburner has dual opening doors, dual air controls and a huge glass window on two sides ideal for creating ambience whilst providing economical heating throughout your home. The Vesta V12

    double fronted stove has dual air wash systems and can burn wood or solid fuels.

    The Vesta V12 Double Sided boasts 83% efficiency which exceeds the legislation currently being discussed under the new clean air act.

    Available in single and double depth the Vesta V12 double sided stove can sit in a central chimney and provide heating to two rooms. 

    All our double sided wood burning and multi fuel stoves come with a 3 year warranty.


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  • 8kw Dual aspect wood burning stove red

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    Double Sided Woodburning Stove Vesta V8 (8KW)


    The V8 double-sided contains everything you would expect from British-built high efficiency woodburner, and the design itself is a classic fusion of simplicity and technological advances. The V8 double-sided introduces a tertiary jet of combustion air into the flue gasses allowing for enhanced combustion and increased efficiency. Preheated air is also injected into the combustion zone through Vesta’s rear primary air supply. The classic curved surfaces on the V8 double-sided add style and these arcs are carried on throughout the theme of the fire. The woodstove integrates Vesta air blade technology which preheats the combustion air and delivers a blade of air across the glass panes, ensuring that the views of the flames is free from soot and condensation.

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  • Vesta V4 Double Sided Stove

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    Vesta V4 Double Sided Woodburning Stove


    The V4 double-sided wood burning stove is a large capacity 4KW woodburning stove ideal for small rooms, conservatories and out-buildings up to 60 cubic metres and create a unique feature of flames in adjoining rooms. Ideal for rooms and areas where only a small amount of heat is required with dual opening doors, dual air controls and without compromising the large glass windows on both sides with a perfect view of the fire. The V4 double-sided does not compromise on firebox size allowing for easy loading of logs.

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All our double-sided wood burners have efficiencies over 80%. It contains our trademark Airblade system to ensure you always have a clear view of the roaring fire.

 A double-sided log burner is simple to use, but also very controllable. Making them ideal for the novice and time-served wood burner.

Feel free to use our handy tool to work out what stove you should be looking for!

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At Vesta, we strive to give you the absolute best double sided wood burning stoves. With the use of the Vesta Air Blade technology, our stove design preheats the combustion air to keep efficiencies high and costs low.

The Vesta classic curved surfaces on our iconic stove range fits into both modern and more rustic homes.

All of our stoves are made from a mix of high-carbon steel and stainless steel and are able to burn solid fuels, or smokeless fuels when a Multifuel kit is added.

Cant find the right stove for you?

As all our multi fuel log burners are made in our factory in Lancashire the sizes of the stove can easily be modified to suit your requirements So please contact us if you need any modifications.

Double Sided Stove Installation Quick Quote

We work closely alongside several HETAS Qualified fireplace installers and can provide a quote for a fully guaranteed installation service. 

Please use the form below to get a quick budget installation price for your new Vesta stove!

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