Double Sided Stove Ideas

Double Sided Stove Ideas

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Double Sided Woodburning Stoves

This page has been designed to show some examples of our double sided stoves and how our customers create amazing feature fireplaces using dual aspect stoves

Vesta stoves are specialists in creating beautiful Double Sided stoves.

Our dual aspect stoves create a central feature between two rooms utilising just one chimney. The heat is evenly disbursed between the rooms. You can use the calculator below to find out what size stove you need to heat your rooms.


Double Sided Stove
Double Sided Stove Ideas

The world of interior decoration is a dynamic and ever changing one. New ideas come up every day along with modification of the old ones and even confluences of both old and new ones being formed. A current and unique trend seems to be making the rounds currently is the marvel that is the double sided stove, not it is a trend that is truly taking over.

A double sided stove a device whose primary function is in being able to supply heat to 2 rooms simultaneously. Also known as dual aspect stove, the effect of the stove has been maximized to provide a surreal feel by allowing the flame to manifest as much as possible without the dangers an open fire might pose. Although mainly used as a sort of link between adjourning rooms, dual aspect stoves can also be placed in the middle of a room, acting a  sort of modern fireplace or wood burning stove.

While the ambience of a room is usually adjudged by the design or coziness (heat wise), double sided stoves go the extra mile by combining both of these factors. In instances whereby there is a partition or chimney breast between two rooms, this space can be duly converted to contain this wood burning stove and serve a both a source of heat and a screen between both rooms, thus serving to truly spruce up the aforementioned ambience of the room.

Double Sided Stove

Double sided stoves come in varying designs, and perform varying purposes. Customers that opt for a free standing dual aspect stove usually have the placing of the stove at the center of the room in mind, and even though it can still be placed in partitions between rooms, there will be spaces around the stove where you can look around through into the other room. An inset stove  however is primarily designed to fit between rooms properly uses up the space, ensuring that the only way you could look into the other room is through the stove.

A key important feature possessed by double sided stove is the fact that the open both ways. What this means with regards to inset dual aspect stoves is that these doors open on both sides of the room and can be refueled on both sides. It also makes the cleaning and maintenance of these stoves much easier and faster, as you’d be able to gain access to tough spots which otherwise would be hard to reach in the absence of these dual doors. Some brands of double sided stoves, such as the ones produced by Vesta, are made with built-in dual air wash systems. Now air wash systems in dual aspect stoves are features whose function are quite paramount, because not only do they serve as a means of proper stove aeration, but they serve an even greater and more aesthetic purpose of always ensuring that the glass of the stove is as clear as possible so as to succinctly show the flames as clearly as possible on both sides. The controls can also be on each side of the double sided stove to allow for a balanced flame pattern and reduce the risk of murking up the glass.

A comparison between the two types of stoves i.e the free standing double sided stove and the inset double sided stove show a marked difference. When it comes to fuel maximization, the free standing wood burning stove come out trumps because here, the stove ensures that the fuel supplied into it is totally converted into heat energy, a feature less common in the inset double sided stoves. Free air movement is also another factor that is more in lieu with the freestanding model and plays a major part in heat dispersal by natural convection. The total use of space in the inset models do not allow for this. Hence it can summarily be deduced that while more aesthetically pleasing than the freestanding type, the inset double sided stove doesn’t maximize energy a much as the freestanding type. However custom design options are available to customers by order, and a custom built double sided oven can be done up to enhance some of its features.


Another noteworthy fact is that double sided stoves can be manufactured to be either of single depth or double depth. The reason for these height ranges is naught but for having varying options of dimensions which will best fit your fireplace. This is important because while going for an inset double sided stove, it is important to get the dimensions right and acquire a stove that will fit directly into the space, lest your inset miss give off a freestanding vibe, and vice versa.

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Double sided stoves also vary in the type of of fuel and number of fuels they can utilize, and in this regard can ba classified as wood burning stove and the multi fuel stoves. The double sided wood burning stoves, as they name implies, make use of wood as its primary and only source of fuel. It is renewable and burnt wood forms a bed of ash which can be cleaned before the stove is restocked with more wood for burning. This is a more common type of double sided stove and tends to draw more crowd chiefly for its simple and cheaper fuel source, that is wood which is very readily available for purchase and use. On the other hand however, the multi-fuel double sided stoves make use of both wood and other fuels as a source of heat, and this means that you could get fuel at literally anytime; wood if available or solid fuel from gas stations and petrol stations. Approved fuels include those made from anthracite that come in oval shapes and nuts. It is always best to adhere to the advice and recommendations given with your particular make and model of multi-fuel stove so you know which types of fuel you should use. The major way by which you can tell these two types of stoves apart is by the raised grate found at the bottom of multi-fuel stoves. These grates function to keep the fuel off the bottom of the stove and by extension permit air to reach underneath the stove so as to allow for the fuel burn better. This mechanism is the total inverse of a wood burning stove and as such, makes it easy to discern.

Having been stated that double sided stoves are used not only for their heat function but also to bolster the appearance of rooms, it really goes without saying that the style, color and design are very huge determining factors in the final selection of the right kind of double sided stove that goes right with both the style of your house, the color of the paint job, and the furnishing. If you want the design to really stand out, it is recommended to go for something in contrast to the design of the rest of the room. This will make it more conspicuous and draw eyes to it faster. Slate has been a popular choice to double sided stove owners of recent. Another popular current trend is the use of dark rich colors which stand out and gives the stove a mysterious and attractive aura. Seeing as black is now back, this should be pleasing to majority of customers. Natural textures and finishes like stone and treated metal can also be used to devastating effect, as they are classics and have proven to be able to stand the test of time.

Another factor to consider is the cost of these stoves. While the prices vary from brand to brand and from model to model, it is important to acknowledge that intended use could also affect price. If the aim is for the stove to perform just its basic function of heat provision, then these tend to cost less as you could get a good burning stove for a few thousand pounds. However, double sided stoves can be used but for their heat and for decoration as aforementioned, so if the latter is the intended and primary intention, the customer should know that the stove is going to cost way more and as such should know it is going to be a tad more expensive than the simple and a bit more conservative types. An example is the Metro 130XT Tunnel Eco Wave gas closed fire by Dru measures 1,300mm wide and can be controlled remotely from your smartphone or tablet. Priced at £4,420 (incl. VAT), it has a heat output of 10.8kW.

Our Vesta v12 Double Sided Stove has transformed our home! So Glad we chose Vesta
Sarah Berryford

Finally, customers should make sure that before they select their choice of double sided stoves, experts should be consulted, either a stove expert or house expert to tell you to type that will best fit into your house and also to get the right dimensions of the fireplace or partition so you could know what you are out to get in particular. Also, seek experts who truly know about the fuel you intend to use, so as to get original information on their fuel input to heat output.


Each model has its properties, right alongside with their advantages and disadvantages. Hence, it I adviced that proper research is made to enable select the best possible double sided stove to suit your home and your taste.

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