Dunster House Log Cabin Stove for garden building’s

Stove installed in summerhouse


We install stoves in summerhouses and log cabins and garden building’s

Dunster House provides high-quality log cabins, summerhouses and garden offices. We recently had a request to install a Vesta wood burning stove in a Dunster House log cabin and we’re really proud of the result. We specialise in the design and installation of log burners in timber framed buildings and summerhouses. We sell both DIY Kits  and also offer a full installation service.

Vesta install in stoves  log cabins nationwide, and this particular stove install included a custom flue with a heat shield fitted into the ceiling. With the chimney sealed from the roof side to protect from the elements.

If you have a log cabin or summerhouse and need advice on installation or fitting a wood burning stove please contact us or telephone 01704 821095.

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Small Cook Stove’s shipped to Canada

Small Cookstove Canada

The Best Selling Small Cookstove in


All our stoves are handmade in our factory in Northern England and have been designed over 15 years of research. The bushmaster can be fitted in almost any scenario such as cabins, vans and home werea small amount of heat is required.

The top of the stove can be used for cooking or boiling a kettle in offgrid locations.

The Bushmaster small cookstove

We now ship all our wood burning stove to canada using fast FEDEX shipping. If you would like a shipping quote please use the form below to get a quote sent to you email


This portable wood burning stove is  light wieght  (30KG) and can be set up ready to cook within a few minutes. This makes it ideal for camping/glamping and use as an alternative to an open fire in campsites that do not permit them. The top of the stove can be used to cook all manner of meals including pot roasts or even a full english breakfast. The Bushmaster tent stove has dual burn rate controls enabling very fine adjustment of the cooking surface temperature

Spare parts and warranty

The bushmaster is completly made from readily availble parts, The only parts that will need to be maintained over time are the glass and rope seals. These are either available locally or can be express shipped from the UK.

Wood Burning Stoves for camper Vans

Vesta Stove fitted in Camper Van

Wood Burning Stoves for camper Vans

Vesta stoves produces a range of small stoves that are perfect for vans. Our Bushmaster stoves are designed specifically for Camper vans and have integral bolt down points in the feet. As well as being sturdy the stoves are lightweight and suitable to be lugged around.

The bushmaster has a 3.5kw heat output that is perfect fro most vans. We also sell all the necessary stainless steel twin wall flue pipes and accessories to ensure the appliance is fitted safely.

We can also supply a heat shield to ensure an air gap is left behind the stove and there is no  risk of damage to surrounding materials.

The bushmaster wood stove also has an integral multi fuel grate for burning of coal and peat. With its air control you can get the bushmaster to the perfect temperature to cook food whilst burning wood. A kettle can be boiled on top of the stove to provide hot water for that much needed cuppa after a day out.

Installing a wood burner in your campervan is a straight forward job but we are on hand to answer any questions you may have. A Log burner should always be installed with a carbon monoxide detector.

What do you need to install a stove in a campervan?

The most commonly-used flue size for van installations is 4-inch (100mm flue). We recommend using insulated flue, as this prevents accidentally touching the hot flue in a small space and is much safer, as the outside temperature of the flue will be cooler. When fitting a stove in a van, you need to be mindful of how close your stove and flue is to combustibles (basically, anything that will burn). Using insulated flue reduces the distance that you need between your flue and combustible materials.

Here is a list of what you will need. (its always best to call us for information 01704 821095)

  • A small woodburning stove, like our Bushmaster Stove
  • Either our HETAS-Approved Flue Kit, which includes all the flue parts and fittings you need, or
  • A 500mm section of single-walled flue (included in HETAS-Approved Flue Kit)
  • Enough insulated flue to clear the top of your van by at least 15cm (included in HETAS-Approved Flue Kit)
  • A flashing kit designed for a solid roof (this provides a watertight, heatproof seal around the flue where it exits through the roof (included in HETAS-Approved Flue Kit)
  • A cowl to prevent rain from coming down the flue (included in HETAS-Approved Flue Kit)
  • A heat shield or fireproof board

Stoves for Surf Vans

What better van to kickback after a days surfing than cooking up the perfect dish on stove with the sea breeze and aq setting sun. The bushmaster can be fitted with a quick release flue system so on a sunny evening the stove can be taken outdoors for safe cooking.

you can’t beat the dry heat and pleasing aroma of a wood stove. Propane stoves are always a nightmare and in our experience with fumes and wet heat that sinks to the ground and causes damp.

The Bushmaster is easy to install and provides a low cost but stylish look making you the envy of the beach.

Wood Burning stoves in Abberton

Stove Summer Sale in Portobello

Wood Burning Stoves in Abberton

Looking for Wood Burning Stoves in Abberton

Vesta Stoves, based in the United Kingdom Manufacture and install Wood burning Stove in Abberton Our range of stoves are made in Lancashire and deliver directly to your door in Abberton

Check out the video below to learn more about us

To get an instant online quotation please use the form below

Our whole range of Woodburning stoves are made in the United Kingdom and come with a lifetime warranty

Brighton (/ˈbraɪtən/) is a seaside resort on the south coast of England that is part of the City of Brighton and Hove, located 47 miles (76 km) south of London.[2]

Archaeological evidence of settlement in the area dates back to the Bronze Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon periods. The ancient settlement of “Brighthelmstone” was documented in the Domesday Book (1086). The town’s importance grew in the Middle Ages as the Old Town developed, but it languished in the early modern period, affected by foreign attacks, storms, a suffering economy and a declining population. Brighton began to attract more visitors following improved road transport to London and becoming a boarding point for boats travelling to France. The town also developed in popularity as a health resort for sea bathing as a purported cure for illnesses.



The top 10 things to look out for when buying a new Wood Burning Stove

In the following article we will give you a list of 10 important things to look out for when buying a new wood burning stove. They are not listed in order of importance.

Stove Efficiency

Stove efficiency is a good indicator of the overall design and build quality of the stove. Although efficiency is calculated under laboratory conditions and hard to replicate, Each stove is tested the same so its a good measure to compare products. You will notice that our range of wood burning stoves are around 83% efficient. This is a good result!
Number 1

Stove Size and Output

The output required to heat your space can be calculated by taking the cubic meter of space in the room and dividing by 15. We have made it easy for you by including a calculator below.
When selecting the size of stove you require you need to take into account the size of the fireplace and the hearth. Most stoves require 300mm of hearth in front of the firebox, as well as some clearance behind the unit to the wall. On either side and above there will also be necessary distances. The benefit of Vesta is that we can make a stove to fit your fireplace and style.
Number 2

Stove construction

This relates to the material the stove is made out of. Most stoves on the market these days are made from steel with cast iron doors. This is because steel is more durable under thermal stress than cast iron. However, Lots of imported stoves are made from cast iron so beware. Steel are normally a little more expensive but they last a lifetime,
Number 3

Stove construction

this relates to the material the stove is made out of. Most stoves on the market these days are made from steel with cast iron doors. This is because steel is more durable under thermal stress than cast iron. However, Lots of imported stoves are made from cast iron so beware. Steel are normally a little more expensive but they last a lifetime,
Number 3

Flue size and specification

Do you need a flue line? If so then what size liner can you fit? an important questions as some chimneys will only take a 5" liner and this isn't suitable for a lot of stoves. The position of the flue is also a factor to take into account. When the stove is sat in the fireplace with the correct spacing around it the flue needs to line up or unsightly elbows will be required to offset the flue.
Number 4


Stove prices range from £150 to many thousands of pounds. It has to be said that in general you get what you pay for. The old adage that you buy cheap you buy twice is definitely applicable to the wood burning stove industry. In the UK it is standard practice for installers to take 40-50% mark up in commission when selling a stove. We sell direct from our factory outlet cutting out the middlemen and passing the savings onto you.
Number 5


Take a look at the warranty that is given apart from the statutory 12 month period. Many stoves are imported into the UK and a warranty after the 12 month period would be difficult to claim on. All our stoves come with a 3 year warranty or a lifetime warranty if installed by a Vesta Approved Installer.
Number 6

Installation Costs

The installation of your brand new stove can cost between £200 to several thousands. Its a good idea to get a quote before buying a stove. To get a quick ballpark figure for the installation of your stove you can use our calculator
Number 7


During the lifetime of your stove you will undoubtedly need to change parts such as the baffles, bricks, glass and rope seals. Ensure before you commit that a full range of spares is available and rapidly available. The last thing you need is your stove breaking down in winter and having to wait for the parts to come from abroad.
Number 8

Lead Time

Stove can have long delivery times especially if its an imported stove. If your in the market for a stove in august then you could wait 10 weeks for it to be delivered by some companies. Our stove all have a 3 week delivery period. However, we can normally accommodate if you need a stove quickly (in time for Christmas)
Number 9


Decide on the fuel type before you buy a stove. Wood burning stoves burn logs very well but wont burn other solid fuels like coal. Multi fuel stoves do a great job at burning solid fuel but not too good at burning logs. Most of all please support your local British business. When you buy your fuel please make sure you buy local sustainable logs .
Number 10

We hope you found this article useful. Should you have any comments please start the discussion below. 

Contemporary Log Burners

Contemporary Log Burner

Contemporary Log Burners

So what is a contemporary logburner? Well the words seem to used more and more these days to describe log burners with modern clean lines. Many have large unobstructed glass windows which provide a beautiful picture of the roaring fire. Our range of contemporary stoves are made from steel and come in a huge range of colours.

Contemporary style encompasses a range of styles developed in the latter half of the 20th century. Pieces feature softened and rounded lines as opposed to the stark lines seen in modern design. Interiors contain neutral elements and bold color, and they focus on the basics of line, shape and form.

Our woodburning stove have made it onto the ideal home top 10 list of contemporary log burner. Please click the image below to view the full list.

Vesta Stove make top 10 log burner

We design all our wood burning stoves using the same prionciples. We dont like fussy designs so we try to keep it simple so that your focus is on the mesmerising flames. Our designs are unique and have been proven through many years of supply and assessment. We are not available through retailers and only sell direct through this website. We believe this gives our customers better value for money by cutting out the middleman.

Contemporary Log Burner colours

All our stoves are available in a range of colours to suit your tastes. Your can find these on Stove Colour Range our colour chart here

Contemporary log burnerContemporary logburners are perfect for modern houses and new builds and certainly make your house a home. In our opinion an open fire or log burner is a must in any home and gives a feeling of Wellbeing.

Check out The full range

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Buy a cheap modern logburner or stove

Did you know as we manufacture all our stoves in the United Kingdom using local labour and British made materials we are able to make our wood burners the most competitive contemporary wood burners on the market.
cheap log burners
cheap log burners – made in the UK

How do we make our wood burning stoves so cheap?

We are able to make the cost of our stoves cheap by ensuring there is no waste in our manufacturing process and cutting out expensive retailers. Although our stoves don’t cost much compared with other modern woodburners we do not compromise on quality or service. Our customer service is reliable and among the best in the industry. Our cheap wood burner prices are made possible because of ingenious but simple design principles and ease of build. Just because our woodburning stoves are cheaper than our competition doesn’t make them substandard. Most of our competition hand out commissions to their retailers of up to 45% that means we can produce a stove of equal quality and provide the customer with a stove that is 45% cheaper than our competition. This has lead us to use the slogan “If its too good to be true its probably a Vesta”

Cut out the middlemen and save £££

Our factory and showroom is all located on one site. So if you come and visit you can see out stoves being made as well as sitting in the factory outlet in front of a roaring fire. By buying direct you are not only getting the best service and guarantee. You are also sporting a local business and and cutting out wholesaler margins. Which, lets face it, d0nt benefit you at all! Made in the United Kingdom.