Dunster House Log Cabin Stove for garden building’s

Stove installed in summerhouse

We install stoves in summerhouses, log cabins and garden buildings

Dunster House provides high-quality log cabins, summerhouses, and garden offices. We recently had a request to install a Vesta wood-burning stove in a Dunster House log cabin and we’re really proud of the result. We specialize in the design and installation of log burners in timber-framed buildings and summerhouses. We sell both DIY Kits and also offer a full installation service.

Vesta installs stoves  log cabins nationwide, and this particular stove install included a custom flue with a heat shield fitted into the ceiling. The chimney is sealed from the roof side to protect it from the elements.

If you have a log cabin or summerhouse and need advice on installation or fitting a wood-burning stove please contact us or telephone 01704 821095.

Choose your summerhouse stove kit today!

Best outdoor heater for pergola

Outdoor Wood Burning Stove

Best outdoor heater for pergola

As outdoor living spaces continue to gain popularity, homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts are constantly looking for ways to make their gardens, patios, and pergolas more comfortable year-round. An essential component of any outdoor space is an effective outdoor heater. In this article, we will explore the best outdoor heaters for pergolas and other outdoor areas, with a special focus on Vesta Stoves’ Fiesta Garden Stove. We’ll discuss its energy efficiency, low-cost heating, and how it ranks as the best solution for a wide range of outdoor heating needs.

Best Outdoor Patio Heater - Electric

When it comes to outdoor heating solutions, electric patio heaters have gained widespread popularity due to their ease of use, energy efficiency, and convenience. Among the various electric patio heaters available in the market, Vesta Stoves’ Fiesta Garden Stove stands out as an exceptional choice for outdoor heating.

Best Outdoor Heater for Pergola

A pergola is a delightful addition to any outdoor space, providing shade and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your garden or patio. However, to enjoy your pergola year-round, it’s essential to have the best outdoor heater for pergola. The Fiesta Garden Stove from Vesta Stoves is a top contender for this title due to its exceptional heating performance, aesthetics, and efficiency.

Best Heater for Gazebo

Gazebos are perfect for outdoor gatherings, but they can get chilly during the evenings, making a reliable heater a must. To ensure a warm and inviting atmosphere in your gazebo, the Fiesta Garden Stove by Vesta Stoves emerges as the best heater for a gazebo, thanks to its ability to provide consistent heat and create a cozy ambiance.

Best Pergola Heaters

When searching for the best pergola heaters, the Fiesta Garden Stove consistently garners attention for its impressive features and performance. It is designed to offer not only warmth but also style, blending seamlessly with your pergola’s aesthetics. Whether your pergola is attached to your home or stands alone, the Fiesta Garden Stove is a versatile choice for all pergola types.

Best Outdoor Heater for Gazebo

Gazebos are a fantastic addition to your outdoor space, providing shelter and a serene ambiance. To enjoy your gazebo throughout the year, it’s essential to invest in the best outdoor heater. Vesta Stoves’ Fiesta Garden Stove is the perfect solution for gazebo heating, offering a combination of elegance and efficiency.

Best Hanging Electric Patio Heater

Hanging electric patio heaters are an excellent choice for those looking to maximize space while enjoying a warm outdoor atmosphere. When searching for the best hanging electric patio heater, you can rely on the Fiesta Garden Stove’s hanging model, which combines sleek design and energy efficiency to keep you comfortable outdoors.

Energy Efficiency of the Fiesta Garden Stove

One of the key factors that make the Fiesta Garden Stove stand out among outdoor heaters is its remarkable energy efficiency. With rising energy costs and environmental concerns, finding an outdoor heater that maximizes heat production while minimizing energy consumption is essential. The Fiesta Garden Stove uses innovative technology to provide efficient heating, ensuring that you get the most warmth for your energy expenditure.

Low-Cost Heating Solution

For homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts, cost-effectiveness is a crucial aspect when choosing outdoor heating solutions. Vesta Stoves understands this concern and has designed the Fiesta Garden Stove to offer low-cost heating without compromising performance. This outdoor heater uses various fuel sources, including wood, coal, and eco logs, making it an economical choice for heating your outdoor space.

Eco-Friendly Heating

In addition to its cost-effectiveness, the Fiesta Garden Stove also boasts eco-friendliness. It is designed with the environment in mind, using clean-burning technology to reduce emissions and minimize its carbon footprint. This eco-conscious approach to outdoor heating aligns with the growing global focus on sustainability.

Easy Installation and Operation

When it comes to outdoor heaters, ease of installation and operation is vital. The Fiesta Garden Stove is designed to be user-friendly, with straightforward installation instructions. You can have it up and running in no time, providing instant warmth to your outdoor space. Its user-friendly features, such as adjustable airflow and temperature controls, allow you to customize your heating experience effortlessly.

Stylish Design and Durability

The Fiesta Garden Stove isn’t just about functionality; it’s also a stylish addition to your outdoor space. Its contemporary design and high-quality construction ensure that it complements the aesthetics of your pergola, gazebo, or patio. Made from robust materials, this heater is built to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting performance.


Whether you’re hosting an outdoor dinner party, enjoying a quiet evening, or seeking a cozy spot to read a book, the Fiesta Garden Stove offers versatility in heating. Its radiant heat warms the space around it, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for various outdoor activities.

The topio - outdoor fireplace
Best Heating solution for gazebo or pergola

Safe and Reliable

Safety is paramount when choosing an outdoor heater. The Fiesta Garden Stove incorporates safety features like protective screens and secure handles to ensure safe operation. Additionally, its sturdy construction minimizes the risk of accidents, making it a reliable choice for your outdoor heating needs.

Best Warranty and Customer Support

Vesta Stoves is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction. When you choose the Fiesta Garden Stove, you also gain access to the best warranty and customer support in the industry. This added peace of mind ensures that your investment is protected and that you have a reliable partner for any questions or concerns.


In the world of outdoor heating solutions, Vesta Stoves’ Fiesta Garden Stove shines as the best outdoor heater for pergolas, gazebos, and various outdoor spaces. With its energy efficiency, low-cost heating, eco-friendliness, ease of installation and operation, stylish design, durability, versatility, safety features, and exceptional customer support, it is the ideal choice for anyone looking to create a warm and inviting outdoor atmosphere.

Investing in the Fiesta Garden Stove ensures that you can enjoy your outdoor space year-round, regardless of the weather. Its ability to provide consistent heat, whether you have a pergola, gazebo, or open patio, makes it a versatile solution for all outdoor heating needs. With this outstanding outdoor heater, you can create memorable moments and enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. Make the smart choice and choose the Fiesta Garden Stove from Vesta Stoves as your outdoor heating solution for a comfortable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly experience.

When searching for the best outdoor heater for your pergola, gazebo, or patio, the Fiesta Garden Stove from Vesta Stoves undoubtedly tops the list. Its exceptional features, energy efficiency, low-cost heating, and stylish design make it the ideal choice for creating a warm and inviting outdoor atmosphere. Don’t let chilly evenings keep you from enjoying your outdoor space; invest in the Fiesta Garden Stove and experience the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Temporary Mig Welder Required for immediate start

We currently have vacancies for Mig welders on a temporary basis to work in our busy stove manufacturing business based in Tarleton.

The succesful appliants should have experience of Mig welding but certification is not required.

To apply please email: with a current C.V


Win a Fiesta Garden Stove

Garden Stove and chimnea

Win a Beautiful Fiesta Garden Logburner!

Autumn is here and Bonfire night will soon be upon us. We are giving away one of our Fiesta Garden Stoves. To enter to competition follow the instructions below

  1. Fill in the form and submit your entry
  2. Share to Facebook or Instagram using the links below the form
  3. The winner will be notified at 7 pm on November 5th
  4. Good Luck
Double sided fiesta garden stove

Entry Form

The winner will be announced 5th Nov 2023

Don’t forget to share the post on your preferred socials to validate your entry. Entries without a shared post will not be valid.

 You can use the share button on the post below 

Uk residents only may enter. The competition is for the Garden Stove with 1 meter of flue pipe including carriage. The winner will be selected at random using google random number generator live on our facebook page

Stoves and Logburners for Tuin Summerhouses and Cabins

Woodburning stoves installed in Tuin Summerhouse

Woodburning stove installed in Tuin Summerhouse

Vesta Stoves specialise in installing stoves in summerhouses, log cabin’s and garden rooms. We are regularly contracted to install our range of logburners in Tuin garden buildings as well as some of the other leading cabin manufacturers.


Our range of stoves are designed to work with short flue systems to avoid the need for unsightly long chimneys.


Call us today to discuss on 01704 821095

how much does it cost to install a wood burning stove uk?

We have designed this page to help you find out how much it is likely to cost to install a wood burning stove.

Please use the form below to get a budget price without the hassle of organising visits to your home.

You can now use the form below to calculate the size of stove required for your home

Outdoor Wood Burner Ideas

Outdoor Wood Burner Ideas

Garden Stove and chimnea

The Fiesta garden stove from Vesta Ironworks. The stylish log burning Fiesta  is designed to fit perfectly with modern gardens and contemporary pavilions. The large firebox is fully lined with firebricks and has a built in grate allowing spent fuel and ash to fall through into the collection box ready for quick and clean disposal. Made from rugged steel plate and treated with a high temperature silicone coating, the Fiesta is built to last. Producing a massive 20KW of heat the Fiesta will keep you and your guests warm long after the sun goes down. Each Fiesta comes complete with a half metre flue section.. It is fully seam welded so you can rest assured that your Vesta Fiesta pavilion stove will outlast chimineas and gas patio heaters.With addition of the Pizza oven kit £39.99 (shown below) you can cook traditional woodfired pizza’s with easeThe garden stove top is hot enough to boil a kettle or cook a great steak. Garden stoves are ideal in Britain as they are capable of throwing out a lot of heat on our cold evenings. They also need no gas and can be used to burn garden waste. This garden stove is totally unlike any chimnea on the market. It is fully lined with high-efficiency linings so the fire burns as clean as an indoor wood burner with minimal smoke.

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