Flexible Flue Liners

Flwxi Liner Kit for logburner

We supply both 316 grade and 904-grade stainless steel liners that are HETAS approved and come with a 10 Year Guarantee.

What is a flexi liner?

Flexi liners or flexible flue liners are used to line an existing chimney. They are made from corrugated steel and can be bent to go round corners inside the existing chimney. They are usually fitted by removing the chimney pot and sliding the liner down the existing flue way.

How much do I need?

For a normal 2 storey house, an 8-meter liner kit will normally suffice. however flexi liner should not be joined so its best to purchase more than you need. A rope can normally be passed down the chimney and marked off to measure the length required. If that’s not practical a laser measuring device can sometimes be used to get an approx length.

Flexible Flue liner Instalaltion
typical Flue liner installation diagram

316 Flexible Flue liners

These are perfect for woodburning stoves but are not recommended for multifuel or other solid fuels.

904 Flexible Flue Liners

Used for wood and multi-fuel stoves and generally provide a longer life due to the higher grade stainless steel used in the construction


Gloves should always be worn when handing flexi liners as they are sharp and can cause injury if not handled correctly. It is also worth mentioning that these liners have to be fitted in the correct orientation.

Should you need any assistance when choosing your liner system then please call us on 01704 828067

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