Cleaning and maintaining your woodburner

In order to get the best from your woodburning stove it is important to carry our regular checks and maintenance throughout the year. This guide is based on maintaining your Vesta Stove although the principle’s are the same for any wood or log burner as well as multifuel stoves.

Each woodburning stove has its own design characteristics but the most common maintainable components are as follows:


The glass on your woodburning stove is designed to stand high temperatures and therefore is under a lot of stress from the harsh environment it operates in. Glass can be cleaned with a Glass cleaner on a regular basis to remove sooty deposits. Glass panels can be simply replaced when they start to appear cloudy.


Firebrick linings are made from Vermiculite, a compressed materials designed to withstand the harsh environments inside the stove. From time to time small stress cracks may appear in the linings. this is normal and is caused my thermal shock. When the bricks start to fall apart its time to replace them. They can be purchased by calling us on 0161 4080 431. Hoovering out the baffle brick on the stove should be done monthly to ensure debris on top of the baffle brick is removed.

Rope Seals

Probably the most important part of the stove, the rope seals should be tensioned and cared for on a regular basis. A good test is to trap a piece of card inside the door of the stove and check that there is tension on it when you try to remove it. To remove a rope seal simply grab one end with a pair of pliers and pull it from its slot. Inserting your new rope seal is simple and can be purchased by calling 0161 4080 431 Rope seals ensure that your stove is running efficiently and safely.

Door handle

The door handle also acts as a pretension for the rope seal. By turning the handle upside down you will find a small grub screw that can be adjusted to add more or less tension the rope seals.


To keep your stove looking good as new it’s important to use a polish once a month.

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