A custom built wood burning stove for a customer

Just after installation!

We were recently approached to design and manufacturer a custom built wood burning stove for a customer in Lancashire. He was more than happy with the look and style of our wood burning stoves, but he wanted to customise the dimensions to fit his room alcove exactly. He had brought in a rough sketch of the type of stove he wanted based on our Vesta Stoves V6 Tubular with some bespoke size requirements.

Read on to find out how we built the custom stove.

We were more than happy to help at Vesta HQ as all of our wood burning stoves are handmade. As the stoves are cut, built, welded and painted in-house on site in our factory in Rufford we can customise virtually any aspect of the build. Customising the Vesta V6 wood burning  stove design wasn’t difficult to do and it became a very enjoyable project for all involved.



Using the dimensions from the custom stove sketch the customer provided, we began producing working drawings and a bespoke design on our computer aided cutting tool, ready for the customer to approve. Once he was happy that we had produced a stove design matching his drawings, we began the process of building the woodburner. We modified our CNC cutting machine to cut the metal to the desired length and height for each individual section of the wood burning stove.

Once cut, the new sections were then welded and handbuilt together to produce the finished custom wood stove for the customer. Once the rope seals were installed, the wood burning stove was coated and finished in a charcoal colouring to compliment the surround in the customer’s home. Custom glass cut to the stove door shape was added along with the door fixing.



The finished custom wood burning stove

At each step of the build process we tested the wood burning stove to make sure it would still perform and behave as a Vesta Stoves wood burner should. The custom burner actually performed a great deal better than expected and belted out a massive amount of heat. Our customer was really happy with the result and so were the Vesta Stoves team.

As our stoves are hand built we can customise many of the aspects of the build including flue positions on the stove, custom widths, custom heights and much more. We hope to work on many more custom stoves in the future so please get in touch if you have any particular requirements.

Speak to us on 01704 821095 for more information on the custom stove build we created for our customer or use our contact form.

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