Latest designer contemporary wood burners for 2012

Vesta Stoves launch their all new tubular range of woodburners for 2012. The V6 Tubular woodburning stove contains all the Technology of Vesta’s range of modern woodburners with a twist on style by adding stainless steel finishing touches. The Tubular log burner contains

  • Vesta Trademark Airblade Airwash System
  • High Efficiency +78% LTM Liners
  • Hidden Bolt down legs to prevent the stove sliding on – polished hearths.
  • Contrasting Stainless Steel Legs
  • Large Landscape glass Stay clear window
  • Adjustable Door tension
  • Low Maintenance door seals
  • Tertiary air intake
  • 2 Year No Nonsense Warranty


  • Colour matched or contrasting stainless steel legs
  • Multifuel Grate including ashpan
  • Matching Flue pipes
  • Direct feed Air intake
  • Double Fronted (2 door one front one back)
  • Over 15 different colours

Burning Capability

  • Logs up to 500mm Long
  • Coal, Anthracite, Smokeless Fuel
  • Peat
  • Overnight Burn

Buy now direct from the Ironworks and cut out the middlemen.