Modern woodburner with ultimate boiler

Probably one of the most of the most common questions we get asked on a day to day basis.

  • How do I install a boiler stove?
  • How do I install a woodburner with a back boiler?
  • How do I install a wetback stove?
  • How do I install a stove for hot water?

Firstly its important to understand the requirements of the user. What is the stove intended to heat?

  • Domestic hot water
  • Radiator circuits
  • Underfloor heating

Its is also very important to understand how the woodburner will be installed and how the water connections will be interlinked with existing heating systems in the property. Many users of boiler stove opt for the simplest type of installation. That being a gravity fed system were the unit supplies hot water through a radiator circuit. However as more modern homes opt for low carbon heating it has not become necessary to create complex systems that link wood burning boiler stoves with pressurised systems run by gas or oil.

Were a gas condensing boiler is to be linked with a woodburner a thermal store can be used so that the unpressurised system (wood) can be connected with the pressurised system (gas or oil). There are other products on the market that can do this without the need for a thermal store but we have not tested any to date.


Our woodburning stoves contain 4 boiler outlets and have 2 completely separate boilers that are completely independent of each other. This allows for gravity circuits to be isolated from each other and faster transfer on energy into the water system.

We can offer design advice for all aspects of installing your boiler stove so feel free to contact us on 0161 4080 431 to discuss your installation or see