Cream Wood Burning Stove

Cream woodburning stove

We have noticed a huge increase in the amount of white colored wood burning stoves being searched for over the past few moths, and are often being asked for white wood burners when customers visit our showroom.  We occasionally manufacture white wood burning stoves but we due to the nature of a fireplace or wood burning stove we would normally advise against it.

White wood burners available as a custom option

As you will know burning solid fuels produced lots of ash and tar inside this stove and inevitably this will get on your hands and be transferred to the white wood burner.  White is very difficult to clean so as an alternative our standard light colour is Almond or cream.  Cream wood burning stoves stand up to marking much better than white and also has a longer life span. So if you looking for a white wood burner then why not take a look at our colour chart  and see some of the other alternatives available. If you still are looking for a white wood burner then please call us on 01704 821095 and we will be happy to help.











Coronavirus Update

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We understand that these are challenging times for many in the UK and we are doing our bit to support our local businesses were possible.

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