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Double Sided Stove
Did you know as we manufacture all our stoves in the United Kingdom using local labour and British made materials we are able to make our wood burners the most competitive contemporary wood burners on the market.
cheap log burners
cheap log burners – made in the UK

How do we make our wood burning stoves so cheap?

We are able to make the cost of our stoves cheap by ensuring there is no waste in our manufacturing process and cutting out expensive retailers. Although our stoves don’t cost much compared with other modern woodburners we do not compromise on quality or service. Our customer service is reliable and among the best in the industry. Our cheap wood burner prices are made possible because of ingenious but simple design principles and ease of build. Just because our woodburning stoves are cheaper than our competition doesn’t make them substandard. Most of our competition hand out commissions to their retailers of up to 45% that means we can produce a stove of equal quality and provide the customer with a stove that is 45% cheaper than our competition. This has lead us to use the slogan “If its too good to be true its probably a Vesta”

Cut out the middlemen and save £££

Our factory and showroom is all located on one site. So if you come and visit you can see out stoves being made as well as sitting in the factory outlet in front of a roaring fire. By buying direct you are not only getting the best service and guarantee. You are also sporting a local business and and cutting out wholesaler margins. Which, lets face it, d0nt benefit you at all! Made in the United Kingdom.

Wood Burning Stoves Kent

Wood Burning Stoves Supplied and installed in Kent

Vesta Stoves are a British manufacturer and installer of wood burning stoves and cover the whole county of Kent. Our range of stoves includes Wood and multifuel stoves, Double Sided stove and a range of garden/summerhouse stoves.  

Wood burning stoves kent

in order to make the process of getting a quote simple, we have made the form below so you can get an instant online quote. This saves time on having appointments with engineers to carry out free surveys and allows us to keep our overheads to a minimum and pass the cost savings onto you.
wood burning stoves kent
The Vesta V8MF Multifuel Stove in Honey Glow brown installed in Kent

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Vesta Stove manufacture, supply and install woodburning and multifuel stoves throughout Kent. If you are looking for a stove or simply require a price to install a stove then please use the form below to get a budget price.

Areas of Kent we cover:

Medway (unitary)
Tonbridge and Malling
Tunbridge Wells

A woodburning stove installation for a summerhouse / log cabin

[heading]A woodburning stove installed in a garden room in Chester[/heading]

Warm and inviting, the V2 looks right at home!

Recently the Vesta Stoves team had another interesting summerhouse installation. This time one of our Vesta V2 woodburning stoves was installed in a wonderful Dunster House cabin situated on the outskirts of Chester. Over six hours our stove engineers did some fine work and by the end of the day the wood burner stove was up and running. The Vesta V2 woodburning stove (with log store unit) was selected due to its low KW output, ideal for a small garden room or summerhouse.

The Dunster House cabin is 4 years old and had been used previously just to store garden furniture. Our customers were looking for a new lease of life for the cabin and the Vesta V2 fitted the bill perfectly and transformed the cabin completely. The owner of the summerhouse opted for Vesta engineers to install the stove so he could take advantage of our lifetime warranty. Rather than the three year warranty with our standard Vesta Stove DIY pack.

Because of the nature of the installation the stove engineers surveyed the site to ensure the stove would have optimal and safe placement. With an OK from the customer on their choice of stove location, within a few hours the custom heatshield was installed as well as watertight flashing and a twin wall flue kit. Even in such a small area we have to ensure that the woodburner has sufficient ventilation.



[heading]A warm and inviting summerhouse[/heading]

You can feel the heat from there too!

After commissioning the stove (which included the installation of a free carbon monoxide detector) the Vesta engineers stayed behind to give a full tutorial and a demonstration on how to use it correctly.

The demo included how to light and manage the stove, as well as how to care for the burner and log store long-term. We left a very happy (and snug) customer to enjoy his summerhouse cabin for years to come with a Vesta Stoves woodburner.

[heading]Looking for a woodburning stove for your own summerhouse?[/heading]

The Vesta engineers specialise in stove installation for log cabins and summerhouses and we cover the whole of the United Kingdom. We have a range of woodburning and multifuel stoves designed for use in summerhouses, log cabins and garden rooms where the flue system has to be kept as short as possible.


We have two kits that are designed for this purpose and these can be found here



Our stove DIY kits come with the complete system to enable the stove to be installed with a working DIY understanding. With everything, you need to comply with all current building regulations. Although if you’re not confident in installing the stove, our professional installers and engineers are on hand to answer your technical queries or carry out the installation for a fixed fee.

A woodburner fitted in a log cabin summerhouse


Vesta install logburners in summerhouses

We were recently approached at Vesta Stoves to develop a unique custom stove project that really piqued our interest. The request was for a custom wood burning stove that could be used to heat a cabin in Winter as well as a patio heater in Summer. Always up for a challenge our engineers in our Lancashire workshop came up with a design based on our coveted Vesta V4 wood burning stove.

The customer had seen the work that we did recently on Channel 4’s Grand Designs on the HIVEHAUS. In this project we supplied a Vesta multifuel stove to compliment the cell or ‘hive’ design on the HIVEHAUS to provide an efficient but contemporary method of heating the building. Whereas our customer wanted to take it a step further by having the choice to use the wood burner either inside or outside. At Vesta we build garden stoves and we build indoor stoves, but this is the first time we’ve ever combined the two designs together.

This project was a great opportunity to show the diversity of our wood burning stoves. Firstly we had to ensure the door could take the full weight of the wood burner being hung on it. Which basically meant replacing and reinforcing the door completely. Next, to ensure the safety of the stove in use, we designed and built a custom heat shield that backed and surrounded the flue system. We made sure that the custom built heat shield matched the bespoke stove colour and modern curved design of the wood burner itself. We appreciate that safety is a must but there’s nothing wrong with doing it in style! The flue system then neatly goes from the top of the stove out through the back door adding to the classic log cabin effect with a neat chrome finish outside.

The customer is over the moon with the results and we’re happy to have worked on such an individual stove design. We really think the Vesta stove is at home in (and out of) the cabin and we know it’ll be a talking point and centrepiece for many years to come.

If you wish to carry out a DIY installation then click here for our summerhouse kit. We can also carry out your installation from £599.00. Tel 01704 828067

How to fit a wood burning stove in a shed

Modern Wood burning Stoves – a new outlook.

Modern Stylish Wood Burner

heading]Modern wood burning stoves

An example of our V8 modern wood burning stove


Many customers  come into our showroom and often ask “what’s the difference between your modern stoves and the old cast iron stoves”?

Well, apart from the obvious looks there are also  several key advances in the burning technology as well as tricks of the trade to designing a good modern wood burning stoves. Most modern wood burning stoves are manufactured from steel. This is the material of choice due to its elasticity, rapid heat up and ability to stand huge temperature variations without cracking (unlike cast iron)

Advances in materials has enabled us to create modern wood burning stoves with huge glass windows and the ability to have an airwash system that keeps the glass clean and free from soot and tar residues.

It is of course well documented that cast iron compared to a modern steel stove holds the heat a lot longer and this is a fact. However, most modern wood burners compensate for this by lining the chambers of the stove with a materials that is used in night storage heaters. This more than compensates for this pitfall. You only need to look at the efficiency ratings on our modern wood burning stoves to see that with efficiency’s in excess of 80% a cast iron stove is no competition.

You can take a look at the build quality of one of our modern wood burning stoves by watching the video below: You will see the insulation inside the modern wood burning stove that is used to retain the heat. This is the buff coloured material surrounding the firebox.

You can also see in the video that by  using steel in the development of our modern wood burning stoves, we are able to create a sleek design were the focus become the flames themselves. Most importantly as with all our modern wood burning stoves we are able to offer a long warranty. This is because our design’s do not suffer from cracking like many cast iron stoves.

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Vesta V8 (8KW) A perfect view of the flames

Take a look at the amazing flame pattern on the Vesta V8 (8KW) Stove. The V8 contemporary woodburning stove contains one of the most efficient airwash systems on the market. Check out the video clip to see the Vesta V8 Contemporary woodburner stove in action. The V8 is available for order directly from our shop.

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