Stoves fitted in conservatories

2kw stove fitted in conservatory

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Vesta Stoves are the Nations leading specialist at installing woodburning stoves in conservatories

If you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory in your house, you’ll know just how pleasant it can be during the summer. As the sun pours in and floods the room with light and warmth, it can be the perfect place to relax; serving as an in-between room joining the garden with the home.

But come winter, it’s a different story:

While it can still provide a relaxing place to sit, it’ll more than likely be cold. Uncomfortably cold.

Many of the heating options you have will be costly and inconvenient, but can you use a wood burner in your conservatory?

Well, it turns out you can…

Wood Burning stove installed in a conservatory
Stove fitted in a Conservatory

We manufacture a range of stoves that are perfectly suited to use in a conservatory. When installing a wood burner into a conservatory there a few extra considerations that must be taken into account and we have them all covered.

  • Size of the stove required to heat the space
    • We have made this easy by creating this simple form that will help you get the correct stove for the space
  • The position of the stove
    • The flue requires natural draught to work. If the flue is too close to the main house then downdraught could occur and cause the chimney to reverse. Therefore its best to site the stove as far as possible away from thr main house. Min 3 meters. If less then the flue will have to extend aove the main house level.
  • Polycarbonate or glass roof
    • Polycarb roofs can be modified on site during the normal installation of the fire. For glass roofs please contact us as we may need to have a special glass panel made to include a hole for the flue.
  • Combustible materials
    • Stoves should be fitted away from combustible materials. Normally around 400mm  Blinds, curtains and window ledges will need to be kept away from the stove area or heat shields used were necessary.
  • Installation cost for a stove in a conservatory
    • Again in an attempt to make this easy please use the caluclator below to get a instant quote.
Stoves fitted in conservatories
Stoves fitted in conservatories nationwide
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