Temporary Mig Welder Required for immediate start

We currently have vacancies for Mig welders on a temporary basis to work in our busy stove manufacturing business based in Tarleton.

The succesful appliants should have experience of Mig welding but certification is not required.

To apply please email: sales@vestastoves.co.uk with a current C.V


Stoves and Logburners for Tuin Summerhouses and Cabins

Woodburning stoves installed in Tuin Summerhouse

Woodburning stove installed in Tuin Summerhouse

Vesta Stoves specialise in installing stoves in summerhouses, log cabin’s and garden rooms. We are regularly contracted to install our range of logburners in Tuin garden buildings as well as some of the other leading cabin manufacturers.


Our range of stoves are designed to work with short flue systems to avoid the need for unsightly long chimneys.


Call us today to discuss on 01704 821095

how much does it cost to install a wood burning stove uk?

We have designed this page to help you find out how much it is likely to cost to install a wood burning stove.

Please use the form below to get a budget price without the hassle of organising visits to your home.

You can now use the form below to calculate the size of stove required for your home

Outdoor Wood Burner Ideas

Heating your pation or pavillion with Wood

Garden Stove and chimnea

The Fiesta garden stove from Vesta Ironworks. The stylish log burning Fiesta  is designed to fit perfectly with modern gardens and contemporary pavilions. The large firebox is fully lined with firebricks and has a built in grate allowing spent fuel and ash to fall through into the collection box ready for quick and clean disposal. Made from rugged steel plate and treated with a high temperature silicone coating, the Fiesta is built to last. Producing a massive 20KW of heat the Fiesta will keep you and your guests warm long after the sun goes down. Each Fiesta comes complete with a half metre flue section.. It is fully seam welded so you can rest assured that your Vesta Fiesta pavilion stove will outlast chimineas and gas patio heaters.With addition of the Pizza oven kit £39.99 (shown below) you can cook traditional woodfired pizza’s with easeThe garden stove top is hot enough to boil a kettle or cook a great steak. Garden stoves are ideal in Britain as they are capable of throwing out a lot of heat on our cold evenings. They also need no gas and can be used to burn garden waste. This garden stove is totally unlike any chimnea on the market. It is fully lined with high-efficiency linings so the fire burns as clean as an indoor wood burner with minimal smoke.

Small Cook Stove’s shipped to Canada

Small Cookstove Canada

The Best Selling Small Cookstove in Canada


All our stoves are handmade in our factory in Northern England and have been designed over 15 years of research. The bushmaster can be fitted in almost any scenario such as cabins, vans and home werea small amount of heat is required.

The top of the stove can be used for cooking or boiling a kettle in offgrid locations.

The Bushmaster small cookstove

We now ship all our wood burning stove to canada using fast FEDEX shipping. If you would like a shipping quote please use the form below to get a quote sent to you email

This portable wood burning stove is  light wieght  (30KG) and can be set up ready to cook within a few minutes. This makes it ideal for camping/glamping and use as an alternative to an open fire in campsites that do not permit them. The top of the stove can be used to cook all manner of meals including pot roasts or even a full english breakfast. The Bushmaster tent stove has dual burn rate controls enabling very fine adjustment of the cooking surface temperature

Spare parts and warranty

The bushmaster is completly made from readily availble parts, The only parts that will need to be maintained over time are the glass and rope seals. These are either available locally or can be express shipped from the UK.

Wood Burning Stoves for camper Vans

Vesta Stove fitted in Camper Van

Wood Burning Stoves for camper Vans

Vesta stoves produces a range of small stoves that are perfect for vans. Our Bushmaster stoves are designed specifically for Camper vans and have integral bolt down points in the feet. As well as being sturdy the stoves are lightweight and suitable to be lugged around.

The bushmaster has a 3.5kw heat output that is perfect fro most vans. We also sell all the necessary stainless steel twin wall flue pipes and accessories to ensure the appliance is fitted safely.

We can also supply a heat shield to ensure an air gap is left behind the stove and there is no  risk of damage to surrounding materials.

The bushmaster wood stove also has an integral multi fuel grate for burning of coal and peat. With its air control you can get the bushmaster to the perfect temperature to cook food whilst burning wood. A kettle can be boiled on top of the stove to provide hot water for that much needed cuppa after a day out.

Installing a wood burner in your campervan is a straight forward job but we are on hand to answer any questions you may have. A Log burner should always be installed with a carbon monoxide detector.

What do you need to install a stove in a campervan?

The most commonly-used flue size for van installations is 4-inch (100mm flue). We recommend using insulated flue, as this prevents accidentally touching the hot flue in a small space and is much safer, as the outside temperature of the flue will be cooler. When fitting a stove in a van, you need to be mindful of how close your stove and flue is to combustibles (basically, anything that will burn). Using insulated flue reduces the distance that you need between your flue and combustible materials.

Here is a list of what you will need. (its always best to call us for information 01704 821095)

  • A small woodburning stove, like our Bushmaster Stove
  • Either our HETAS-Approved Flue Kit, which includes all the flue parts and fittings you need, or
  • A 500mm section of single-walled flue (included in HETAS-Approved Flue Kit)
  • Enough insulated flue to clear the top of your van by at least 15cm (included in HETAS-Approved Flue Kit)
  • A flashing kit designed for a solid roof (this provides a watertight, heatproof seal around the flue where it exits through the roof (included in HETAS-Approved Flue Kit)
  • A cowl to prevent rain from coming down the flue (included in HETAS-Approved Flue Kit)
  • A heat shield or fireproof board

Stoves for Surf Vans

What better van to kickback after a days surfing than cooking up the perfect dish on stove with the sea breeze and aq setting sun. The bushmaster can be fitted with a quick release flue system so on a sunny evening the stove can be taken outdoors for safe cooking.

you can’t beat the dry heat and pleasing aroma of a wood stove. Propane stoves are always a nightmare and in our experience with fumes and wet heat that sinks to the ground and causes damp.

The Bushmaster is easy to install and provides a low cost but stylish look making you the envy of the beach.