Stoves that don’t require an airbrick

We manufacture a range of highly efficient woodburning stoves that do not require an Airbrick due the output being less than 5KW. The Vesta V4 Stove has an efficiency of 81% and can be fitted to homes without the need for draughty air bricks so it is ideally suited to modern homes and conservatories. Document J of the building regulations states that any stove above 5 KW must have a permanently open air brick fitted but with the Vesta V4 Stove you can fit the maximum output stove without an airbrick.

The 4KW modern woodburning stove range is available in a huge range of contemporary colours. Please contact us on 01704 821095 for a colour chart.

All Vesta Stoves are painted with a special high temperature silicone resin paint that. can stand temperatures of up to 700 degrees c. Visit our gallery to see the full range of colours available.

Stoves in January Sale
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