The Bushmaster Camping stove

Cooking on wood – Bushmaster camping stove








The Bushmaster Camping Stove.


We have long been looking for a camping stove oven solution on our camping trips as many campsite and parks do not permit open fires. We always felt this kind of spoils the camping atmosphere! but we understood the reasons for it. We are keen campers and tried everything from firepits and chimnea’s to prolong the chilly evenings.  The problem we had with chimnea’s is there lack of control and we would become a slave to them constantly loading wood and being choked by the pluming smoke. We loved the idea of wood burning to keep us warm late into the evening but we then didn’t want to have to take a gas bottle or charcoal to cook with. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and develop the very first high efficiency camping stove oven powered by wood.

Here are a few advantages of the Bushmaster Camping Stove

  • Very efficient and uses very little fuel
  • Burn wood or charcoal, spark free with no risk to surrounding tents etc.
  • East to pack away into the back of even the smallest vehicle lightweight and robust
  • Large cooking surface. Heat can be controlled for perfect cooking results
  • Stay clean glass. See the fire for that camp fire feeling without the smoke and risk to the camp.
  • Solid Steel construction.
  • Warming/ drying rails (extremely useful with British weather!)
  • legs to stop damage to grass or patios.
  • relatively low cost compared with firepits that rarely last a season
  • 12 Month warranty
  • Bushmaster amp stove logo

After many months research we think we came up with the answer. The little Jaz  camping stove oven  weighs approx 20KG which makes it portable as far as usual wood stoves go. We also had to design a stove that would run perfectly well with just 1 meter of flue pipe. Cooking on the stove is a delight, whether it be a full english breakfast or a curry it has the capability to become an essential part of your camp set-up. Apart from cooking the stove makes a great camping heater and easily keeps the area warm don to subzero temperatures.

Bushmaster camping stove
The Bushmaster in action


[heading]Wood burning stoves for Yurts and Ecopods[/heading]

For many years wood burning stoves have been used in yurts as a primary heat source and for preparing foods. They are a simple and effective way to harness the power of the wood fuels and convert into a controllable heat source so that it can be used for boiling water or cooking meals off the grid. Yurts are now becoming fashionable due to the increase in glamping and the rise of the Ecopod and Vesta stoves have updated the simple yurt stove into an up to date high efficiency burner with everything you would expect from a modern woodburning cook stove.

The Bushmaster Camp Stove is the perfect addition to any camping  living space, its styling will grace the traditionalist and caters for lovers of modern furniture and appliances. With a deep firebox capable of burning a 450mm long log the firebox can be stoked to enable a kettle to be boiled with a few minutes of lighting.

The stainless steel lever controls combustion rate as well as the secondary air control that keeps the glass clear using Vesta’s air blade technology.

With a neat cook-plate on top of the stove a pan or kettle may be heated and boiled within a few minutes. The polished storage rails can also be used to hang pans and tools. the door beneath the firebox contains an ash-pan and can be emptied whilst the stove is running making the little Jaz a versatile 24hr cook-stove.

So if you’re looking for a wood burning camping stove  or a  ecopod heating and cooking solution or just a fun conservatory or garden office stove then check out the bushmaster.







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