Modern Wood burning Stoves – a new outlook.

Modern Stylish Wood Burner

heading]Modern wood burning stoves

An example of our V8 modern wood burning stove


Many customers  come into our showroom and often ask “what’s the difference between your modern stoves and the old cast iron stoves”?

Well, apart from the obvious looks there are also  several key advances in the burning technology as well as tricks of the trade to designing a good modern wood burning stoves. Most modern wood burning stoves are manufactured from steel. This is the material of choice due to its elasticity, rapid heat up and ability to stand huge temperature variations without cracking (unlike cast iron)

Advances in materials has enabled us to create modern wood burning stoves with huge glass windows and the ability to have an airwash system that keeps the glass clean and free from soot and tar residues.

It is of course well documented that cast iron compared to a modern steel stove holds the heat a lot longer and this is a fact. However, most modern wood burners compensate for this by lining the chambers of the stove with a materials that is used in night storage heaters. This more than compensates for this pitfall. You only need to look at the efficiency ratings on our modern wood burning stoves to see that with efficiency’s in excess of 80% a cast iron stove is no competition.

You can take a look at the build quality of one of our modern wood burning stoves by watching the video below: You will see the insulation inside the modern wood burning stove that is used to retain the heat. This is the buff coloured material surrounding the firebox.

You can also see in the video that by  using steel in the development of our modern wood burning stoves, we are able to create a sleek design were the focus become the flames themselves. Most importantly as with all our modern wood burning stoves we are able to offer a long warranty. This is because our design’s do not suffer from cracking like many cast iron stoves.

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