Direct Air Supply Stoves

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Vesta is leading the way with Direct Air Supply Stoves

We recognise that home design in rapidly changing and architects are designing super efficient homes that are virtually air tight. We have designed all our stoves so that they can be fitted with external air kits to provide both a fully air tight and partially air tight  solution.

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Stoves suitable for The Passiv HausVesta Heritage Stove with direct air intake

Passiv Haus is a German standard relating to the energy consumption of the building. Passiv Haus(or Passive House) is often used as a wide term to describe low energy buildings, but that is really an inappropriate use for the term. To be a passiv haus, strict criteria must be met regarding energy performance.

Why might I require a Stove with a direct air supply?

All woodburning stoves require combustion air to feed the fire with oxygen. In many cases this is taken from the room itself (if under 5KW). This combustion air is replaced by general draughts and leaks in the home. However, new homes are required to pass certain standards with regards to the air tightness of the dwelling. In this case there mnay not be anough free air for the stove to run efficeintly. In this case an airbrick can be fitted to an outside wall. Airbricks however also allow cold air from outside into the room and are therfore not recommended for a highly efficient home or Passiv house.

In order to pass the necessary deisng standards and  pressure tests a stove with iether a partial or fully sealed system may be required. All Vesta Stoves can be fitted with a direct air intake capability

The definition of a ROOM-SEALED appliance is ‘an appliance whose combustion system is sealed from the room in which the appliance is located and which obtains air for combustion from a ventilated uninhabited space within the building or directly from the open air outside the building….’. See Section 0 – 04.38. Page 16 Approved Doc J.

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