Save money on your gas bill

Installing a modern contemporary woodburner is the best way to save money on fuel bills.

By simply removing a gas fire and installing a contemporary woodburning stove such as the vesta V6 a household gas bill can be dropped by as much as 40% (even further in most cases) This means that often the payback period for a vesta contemporary woodburner can be less than 1 year. Yes we agree that switching to wood fuel is more time consuming than simply flicking a switch or turning a knob on the front of an appliance, but there is nothing as rewarding than looking after your heating source and preparing your fuels knowing that if you were just to turn that knob or flick that switch money would be slipping through your hands.

Fuel cost comparison

Fuel type Cost
Heating Oil (domestic) 0.05
LPG (domestic) 0.047
LPG (commercial) 0.035
Electricty (domestic) 0.18
Mains Gas (domestic) 0.061
Hardwood Firewood 0.035

For the woodstove expert further major cost savings can be made on energy bills by switching domestic hot water to wood fuel and solar panels. For example a typical 3 bedroom semi detached house could save up to 75% of the household gas bill by installing a VestaV12 DUO equipped with dual back boilers to heat your domestic hot water.  Combine this with a small wind turbine and you can be off the grid for a relatively small investment

If you would like to discuss the benefits of wood fuels in any more detail please give us a call on 0161 4080 431.

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