The V12 DUO the ultimate heating system

There are many modern wood burners on the Market that have either factory fitted back boilers or a boiler can be clipped on to the rear of the stove to provide both central heating and domestic hot water.

There are none that benefit from the technology contained in the vesta v12 duo. Vesta have designed a heating solution that is efficient and extremely versatile.

The v12 duo with factory installed stainless steel twin heat exchangers is one of the most efficient wood burners on the market. It boasts an output of 12kw total made up of 6kw to water and 6kw room heating. The duo boilers are constructed from high grade 316 stainless steel and unlike many boilers available on the market will not contaminate the water system with rust or degrade over time.

With 4 x 28mm inlet and outlet ports on the rear of the v12 duo this appliance can be connected onto a gravity feed system or ideally through heating coils on a thermal store. As the duo boilers are constructed in the same way as plate heat exchanges then the flow of heat into the water in very efficient and the start up cycle rapidly brings the water to temperature.

The huge firebox in the v12 makes it the ideal stove to run your hot water systems as the firebox can easily cope with a 400mm log making endless splitting down of large logs a thing of the past. Call us today on 0161 4080431 to discuss how the v12 DUO can be integrated into your hot water system. The V12 Duo is available with log storage box that raises the fire 225mm off the floor and allows logs to be preheated conveniently under the stove.